Motivational Videos

Motivational videos…whether it is a clip from a well-known movie…an advertising film for a famous brand…a pre-game speech prior to the toughest Test match…or the beginning of the final preparations before a game…

They help focus the mind…getting the players in the “zone”…inspiring them to be the best they can be…giving them the confidence to go out and do their job…

Coach Carter

“Our deepest fear…”:-

“I’m so proud of you…”:-

Friday Night Lights

“Talk about being perfect…”:-


“You were born for this…”:-

Michael Jordan (Legendary NBA Basketball Player)

“It’s not about the shoes…”:-

“Look me in the eyes…”:-

“Maybe it’s my fault…”:-

Sir Ian McGeechan (Legendary British and Irish Lions Coach)

1997 Speech prior to the 2nd Test match against South Africa:-

2009 Speech prior to the final 3rd Test match against South Africa:-

Eric Thomas

‘Secret to Success’:-

Denstone College Rugby Club

IMG_0964 - Copy
Pre-match Motivational Video 2010 County Cup Final

Pre-match Motivational Video v. King's Macclesfield 2012
Pre-match Motivational Video v. King’s Macclesfield 2012

2013 U16 7s Pre-season Motivational Video
2013 U16 7s Pre-season Motivational Video

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