GAIN VIII, Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA


With so many thoughts, feelings and experiences from the 5 days of intense professional development at GAIN VIII: Where do I start…? What can I say…? How do I put into words the experiences I had…?

“It was a truly amazing ‘World Class’ experience!”

"Coaching the BEST to get BETTER…"
“Coaching the BEST to get BETTER…”

What is the GAIN Mission…?

GAIN Mission

What was GAIN VIII’s Theme…?

"Applying practice based evidence…"
“Applying practice based evidence…”

Who presented…?

The calibre of presenters was truly ‘World Class’ from a wide breadth of areas in the field of ‘Athletic Development’:-

World renowned Sprint Coach Gary Winckler
World renowned Sprint Coach Gary Winckler
Photo with Jim Radcliffe
World Class Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Radcliffe, Oregon University

What was the format of GAIN…?

Every second of every day was utilised to the full…from 6:30am to 2:00am…with a variety of presentation methods from practical workouts…to presentations…to practical demonstrations…to ‘Question and Answer’ sessions…to informal chats/discussions…anywhere…anytime.

Each day started at 6:30am with practical workouts of 3 stations lasting 20 minutes each, linked to the presentations that would be presented later in the day:-

6:30am Workouts
6:30am Workouts

Plus Vern’s pep talks post workout:-

Vern Motivational Talks

Then there were 2 presentations given by GAIN Faculty members:-

Jim Radcliffe: Evolution of the "Oregon Way"
Jim Radcliffe: Evolution of the “Oregon Way”

Then there were Skype sessions by people who were unable to physically make it to GAIN:-

Bill Knowles' Skype on Re-conditioning
Bill Knowles’ Skype session on Re-conditioning
David Epstein's Skype
David Epstein’s Skype session
Frank Dick's Skype session on 'Cultural Change'
Frank Dick’s Skype session on ‘Cultural Change’

Which was followed by 2 more presentations after lunch:-

Steve Magness
Steve Magness

Then 2 practical demonstration sessions late afternoon:-

Sal Marinello's Olympic Lifting Session
Sal Marinello’s Olympic Lifting Session

Each day ended with 2 presentations from GAIN members sharing their experiences…:-

Patrick McHugh
Patrick McHugh

What made GAIN so special…?

The people!

The willingness of people to share their knowledge…their experiences…with everyone…with their roommate…with a fellow GAINer… no matter their role (coach, teacher, trainer, doctor)…their experience (1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 40 years)…their level (Prep School, High School, College, University, Professional, Elite)…the occasion…during presentations…practicals…’Q&A’…informal chats…anytime…during breakfast…lunch…or dinner.

…with my Mentor Vern Gambetta.
…with my Mentor Vern Gambetta.

And the energy, enthusiasm and passion of my Mentor Vern Gambetta (Founder of GAIN)…who is a true inspiration and pioneer in the field of Athletic Development, Teaching and Coaching…who after 45 years of continues to ask questions and push the boundaries of what is possible…

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