Twitter and the ‘power’ of Blogs: Why start Blogging…?

Twitter and the ‘power’ of Blogs: Why start Blogging…?

What is Blogging…?

  • a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis
  • add new material to or regularly update a blog
  • write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.) in a blog


“Blogging is a very creative thing to do. It’s totally different and helps make you feel better. Many people do it as a passion and many others do it to make money from their blogs.

Blogging is a term derived from the word “Blog“, which is an abbreviated word used for term “Weblog“, used to describe different type of Websites and Portals which share information on specific topics or wider categories.

Each skill you need to run and manage a Blog is called blogging. This includes skills like ‘Search Engine Optimisation’; ‘Social Media Marketing’; Writing, Editing and Publishing Posts; Designing and Maintaining the design of your Website, etc. You should be a good writer to write lot ofunique and quality content for your website.”

Why start Blogging…?

The rate at which ‘Social Media’ has taken off so far in the 21st Century is quite frightening…the speed with which things can go ‘viral’ round the world is so rapid…the ease with which you can make connections…the ease with which you can communicate with people…the ease with which you can read the latest information available out there after a few taps of the screen…

Many people have many different reasons why they start blogging…I believe the main reason for this is that it comes at the ‘right’ moment in their life/career when they feel they are ‘ready’ to share their ideas with the world…

They have been through many experiences…they have gained lots of knowledge…they have sourced information from many different sources and people…they have continually challenged their thinking and ideas…they have created and built success based on sound, logical principles…they have applied what they have learned and seen the positive results…

Chile 2013

Fast forward to Chile 2013…where you have moved away from your ‘comfort zone’ in the UK for 33 years…to challenge yourself in a new environment…a new job…a new language…a new culture…a new country…with many unknowns…with all your family and friends back home…

Some would say that is a risk…is it a risk worth taking…? Is the grass always greener on the other side…? If you do not take the jump and leap of faith you will never know…What I can say is that it opens up a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of opportunities and fresh challenges…

It gives you the time to think:

  • “How can you continue growing as a person…?”
  • “How can you keep up-to-date with what is going on in the world…?”
  • “How can you improve your knowledge and understanding …?”
  • “How can you keep in touch with people…?”

With the freedom of Twitter these questions are very easy to answer: Twitter is an excellent information sharing engine by allowing you to follow people…people to follow you…post Tweets, make Retweets and tag Favourites…share Blog postings…share points of view…and share thoughts and opinions…

By making a comment about a Tweet; that can spark the start of a new adventure…a new connection…a new communication channel…a new avenue to share thoughts and ideas…


Through this process I now have connections all around the world where I have never met them in person…just through the power of the Twitter movement…like minded people that share similar passions…being a part of ‘the Twitter family’…

  • Lynn Kidman @lkidman  (New Zealand);
  • Ross Munro Williams @RossRugby (South Africa);
  • Coach Logic @coachlogic  (Scotland);
  • Creative Rugby @Creative_Rugby (England);
  • Mark Upton @uppy01 (Australia now England);
  • Stuart Lierich @KickCoaching (Australia);
  • Lee Cunningham @08Dionnelee (England);
  • Rob Nichol @robert_nichol (Canada);
  • and many more…

This empowerment to Blog in 2014 and share information came from my pre-Twitter days during July and August 2009 when the University of Queensland and Nudgee College (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) welcomed me for 1 week and 2 weeks respectively, and the Crusaders (Christchurch, New Zealand) rugby environment for 3 weeks, which taught me the power of sharing and discussing ideas…it was a breath of fresh air…it opened my eyes…

I have to thank David Enfantie (Head Coach, University of Queensland Rugby Academy), Todd Dammers (Director of Rugby, Nudgee College 2006-2010), John Haggart (Canterbury Crusaders High Performance Unit), Rob Penney (Canterbury NPC Head Coach 2006-2011), Tabai Matson (Canterbury NPC Assistant Coach 2009-2011), Matt Sexton (Crusaders Academy Manager 2007-2012), Jamie Hamilton (Crusaders Performance Analyst) and Dave Hewett (Crusaders Scrum Coach) for their time, kindness, humility and for providing opportunities to discuss their philosophies and ideas with me…and for me to observe their coaching practices…

The impact you can make…the influence you can have…the ideas and thoughts you can share…all make for a powerful ‘flow’ to becoming a better thinker…a better creator…a better person…

There is nothing to hide and everything to gain by Bloggingthe continual strive to be the best you can be #ForTheTeam..

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