Courses, Conferences and Seminars

As a coach you should not underestimate the value in attending a course…a conference…or a seminar…to help you…to assist you…in becoming the best possible coach…teacher…mentor…you could possibly be…

Whatever the course…the conference…or the seminar…you will benefit in many different positive ways from the experience…you will listen to new ideas…new philosophies…new methods…new techniques. You will ask questions to clarify your understanding…you will be able to weigh up whether or not “it” will benefit your teaching…your coaching…or you will gain confidence in knowing that what you are doing is on the right path…going in the right direction…that your philosophy makes sense…

I have been very fortunate and lucky with the opportunities that I have created for myself in my drive to become the best possible coach I can be…

I have attended the following Courses:-

  • ECB Cricket Level 1;
  • LTA Key Stage 3/4 Tennis Course;
  • BA Secondary Badminton Teachers Award;
  • EHB Teachers Hockey Coaching Award;
  • ASA Assistant Teacher Certificate Swimming;
  • RLSS National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches;
  • Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) Preliminary Award;
  • Functional Movement Systems FMS Level 1 (Online);
  • Functional Movement Systems FMS Level 2;
  • UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Level 1;
  • RFU IRB Rugby Ready;
  • RFU Entry Level Referee Award: Part 1 and 2;
  • RFU Level 1;
  • RFU Level 2;
  • RFU Towards Level 3;
  • RFU Level 3 (Modules 1, 2 & 3).

I have attended the following Conferences:-

  • RFU Midlands Coaching Conference (2003, 2005, 2008, 2012);
  • RFU North West High Performance Conference (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013);
  • RFU North Coaching Conference (2010);
  • RFU East Midlands Coaching Conference (2003);
  • RFU Staffordshire Coaching Conference (2010, 2011);
  • RFU HMC Independent Schools Conference (2010);
  • Independent Coach Education (ICE) Directors of Sport Conference (2010, 2012);
  • Athletic Development Conference: Building the Complete Athlete (2012);
  • RFU Sports Science Conference (2012);
  • Schools Rugby Conference (ICE) (2007);

I have seen and listened to presentations by the following people:-

  • Matthew Syed: “The Myth of Talent and the Power of Power” Talent…? Practice…!;
  • Humphrey Walters: Leadership and Teamwork: “Creating an Inspirational Environment”;
  • Vern Gambetta (Gambetta Sports Training Systems): Building the Complete Athlete;
  • Bill Beswick (Sport Psychologist): “What do players want from Coaches?”
  • Bill Beswick: Sports Psychology;
  • Peter Moores (Former Head Coach England Cricket): Coaching Philosophy;
  • Phil Larder (2003 England World Cup Winning Defence Coach): Building an ‘Iron Curtain’ Defence;
  • Brian Ashton (2003 England World Cup Winning Attack Coach and former England Head Coach): Leadership;
  • Brian Ashton: High Level Performance;
  • Sir Graham Henry (2011 NZ World Cup Winning Coach): Rugby Strategy: RWC 2011 NZ;
  • Wayne Smith (2011 NZ World Cup Winning Coach and 2012 and 2013 Super Rugby Winning Coach): Creating a World Class Attack;
  • Stuart Lancaster (England Head Coach): …;
  • Nigel Redman (Former RFU Elite Coach Development Manager): Winning now v. Preparing Players to win in the future;
  • Nigel Redman: The Challenge of the Modern Coach;
  • Graham Smith (England Womens Forwards Coach): Winning the Brekadown;
  • Jon Callard (England Kicking Coach): Counter Attacking;
  • Tosh Askew (Former Loughborough Students Coach): Core Skills of Handling and Footwork;
  • Calvin Morris (Former RFU Senior National Fitness Coach): Rugby Conditioning;
  • Matt Lovell (RFU Sports Nutritionist): Elite Sports Nutrition;
  • Rob Barraclogh (Professional Wrestling Coach and former Rugby Union and Rugby League player): ‘Wrestling with Rugby’;

I have attended the following Seminars:-

  • Dave Hadfield (NZRU Sports Psychologist): Sports Psychology;
  • Brian Ashton: Principles of Attack;
  • Brian Ashton: Transition Rugby and Turnover Strategies;
  • Brian Ashton: Attacking Back Play;
  • Brian Ashton: CIA Principle: Clarity, Intensity, Accuracy;
  • Phil Larder: Defence Masterclass;
  • Shaun Edwards (British Lions, Wales and former Wasps Defence Coach): Defence and Attack in the Modern Game:
  • Stuart Lancaster: ‘Culture precedes Performance’;
  • Ben Ryan (Former Head Coach England 7s): Principles of 7s and Coaching 7s;
  • Jeremy Snape (Specialist Sports Psychologist): ‘The Winning Mindset’;
  • Dorian West (Former RFU Coach England U21 and current Forwards Coach Northampton Saints): Contact Skills;
  • Paul Grayson (2003 England World Cup Winning Squad): Kicking Clinic;
  • RFU East Midlands: Understanding the moving game;
  • RFU Level 3 Goal Setting;
  • RFU Level 3 Performance Profiling;
  • RFU Level 3 Planning and Periodisation;
  • RFU Level 3 Team Selection;
  • RFU Scrum Factory (1 and 2);
  • UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Level 2: Planning Effective Programmes;
  • UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Level 2: Plyometrics, Speed and Agility;
  • UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Level 2: Weightlifting for Sports Performance;
  • RFU Rugby Fitness for Young Rugby Players;
  • Rob Barraclough: ‘Wrestling with Rugby’;
  • Nottingham Rugby Strength and Conditioning Coach;
  • Becoming a ‘Director of Sport’ in an Independent School (ICE).

I have interactively taken part in the following Webinars:-

  • Functional Movement Systems: Understanding and Implementing FMS;
  • Brendon Chaplin Strength and Fitness: The Business of Strength and Conditioning;

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